What is Android System WebView

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So, what is Android System WebView (ASW)? What is this amazing application that Android users keep talking about. To sum up, Android System WebView is a powerful web browser engine which allows apps to open web pages within its’ respective application.  

Above all, ASW makes it possible for users to natively open-up full website content within the application’s interface. The alternative would be for the user to be redirected to a system’s web browser.

Most noteworthy, users can find this app located within their Phone App’s Manager section. This native application was developed by Google as a means of giving developers the power to incorporate a built-in web browser for any application. Below, our resident experts have highlighted several reasons why Android System WebView is very important to Android users.

What is the purpose of Android System WebView and how can it benefit users?

So, now that we know exactly what is Android System WebView, it’s time to highlight the importance of this app for Android users. First of all, having a web browser incorporated within an application will greatly reduce the strain of system resources and memory. Also, instead of having two applications open at the same time, the user can get all their information in one app.

For example, if a user was using Facebook and clicked on a link within a post, a device that does not have Android System WebView will open up a brand-new system browser and designate the Facebook application to the background. In contrast, users with Android System WebView will click on the link and will be directed to the website from within the app. This will greatly improve the user experience. Certainly, it will improve load times. Also, it will improve battery efficiency by preventing users from having two items open and working in the background.

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Most noteworthy, using this app requires no expertise. Even more so, this app doesn’t require any special configurations to set up. Above all, users won’t have to do anything since its already installed by default.

Due to unfavorable operating conditions, Android System WebView is recommended for users with a device that is running Marshamallow 6.0 and lower.  

To sum up, this app is totally free. So, why not use it to help maintain and improve your system resources. Most noteworthy, when using this app, users need to make sure that they update the app via manual or auto updates to fix any bugs and to prevent any security related issues.

Android System WebView Summary

Certainly, ASW loads web pages faster than your traditional browsers. Also, it provides a measure of online security which gives its users peace of mind. Above all, Android users can’t really go wrong with enabling this option. It’s a lightweight application with little to no affect on system resources.

In closing, users can disable this app at any time. However, because it improves the user experience so much, it’s advised to keep it active. Overall, this option is much needed and is sometimes taken for granted. Downloads become faster. Access is easier. And, the experience is better.

Key Features Breakdown

  • Allows 3rd party apps to show content in an in-app browser.
  • ASW is an extension Android View class.
  • WebView uses webkit engine to display web page.
  • Special component used by appsor html/JS frameworks.