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The 10 Most Impactful Plex Plugins

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Plex plugins provides flexibility and enhanced controls to improve performance and the user experience. To clarify, Plex plugin’s enables users to utilize favorite web services on TV and mobile devices as well as access Live TV. Unfortunately, due to some recent changes within the Plex framework, Plex no longer offers plugin support. However, all is not lost. Plex Plugins can still be accessed manually via the process of sideloading. So, before Techie Reports highlights the best and most impactful plex plugins, lets’ go over the process of how to sideload Plex plugins.

How to Sideload Plex Plugins

Above all, the process is very simple. Firstly, users will download their plex plugin of choice. The plugin will be in zip format. Secondly, users will extract the files and copy it to their local Plex Media Server Plugin folder. Most noteworthy, the file format should always end with .bundle. Finally, once the files have been extracted, users will then restart Plex to have access to the new plugin.

Best and Most Impactful Plex Plugins

1. FilmOn


Above all, this plugin is very popular because of the availability of SD and HD channels in virtually every category and genre. Also, the FilmOn plugin makes the streaming experience very enjoyable because of the integration of television options in most countries. Known for its diverse content, FilmOn is one of the most impactful Plex plugins for 2020. To sum up, here are some of the most noteworthy FilmOn features:

  • More than 600 live TV streams
  • Video on Demand collection includes more than 45,000 movies in SD and HD
  • Remote DVR capability
  • No digital ads on live programming
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2. IceFilms


IceFilms is a plex plugin known for its vast movie collection. This move plugin will give its users access to thousands of movies worldwide. IceFilms caters to multiple genres both domestic and internationally. Most importantly, their content is always changing and updating with the latest trending shows and blockbuster movies.

3. cCloudTV


Users will be hard pressed to find a better plex plugin which offers more live TV content and live sports programming than cCloudTV. ccloudTV has a huge database with worldwide programming options.

Most noteworthy, the lone drawback with cCTV is dead and broken links. cCloudTV is not as reliable as others from this perspective. However, if yo uare persistent, because of the immense options, users will be able to find something that they are interested in. So, here are some of its most impactful features:

  • Private playlists, EPG support, IMDB support
  • Bookmarking
  • Search Queue’s
  • Parental Controls
  • Pins



IPTV is known to provide a cable like experience. Unlike other plug-ins, IPTV accesses its’ content from a wide range of sources found online. This is beneficial because it provides an array of live streaming options for users. The entertainment zone includes various categories including Sports, movies and more.

5. Trakt


This amazing and popular plugin was recently removed from Plex servers. However, with the use of WebTools, users can once again access this powerful plugin.

Above all, Trakt is known for its immense synching capabilities. With trakt, users can sync information from Netflix, Hulu and more. Also, Trakt can sync users playlists via their Track ID.

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6. Ombi

Ombi offers a unique web portal which allows users to manage web requests for downloads via their Plex server. The process of using Ombi is simple. First of all, users can request a download via the available portal. Secondly, once user uploads video, user will be notified automatically.

To sum up, the Ombi web portal is quite versatile. From users requesting your contents to users reporting issues, Ombi is one of the most impactful Plex plugins for 2020.

7. Spotify

While Spotify is not officially a Plex plugin, its premium subscription option will allow users to access their content and info via the Plex Media Server. So, if music is your thing, the Spotify option could be a viable one. Especially, since users will get even more options to enjoy their music experience further. Here are some of the top Spotify features that can be accessed via Plex:

  • Download anywhere. Listen to music anywhere.
  • On-demand playback
  • Ad free

8. Internet Archive

In short, Internet Archive is a plugin that doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. Above all, Internet Archive represents a huge archive for everything media. For example, with this plugin, users will have access to free software, books, free audio content and full length movies and video content.

9. BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer Plugin provides an ample resource for UK content. If you enjoy British content and media, there is no better plug-in available in the market. To sum up, this plex plug-in rocks.

This plugin enables Plex users to access the latest BBC sources for the best content. All content is high quality.

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10. WebTools

No list can be complete without Webtools. Webtools is a Plex Store which offers apps for the Plex Media Server. Before accessing Webtools, it’s advised to setup a password via Plex.