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The Best TeamViewer Alternatives

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TeamViewer is a remote desktop software program which allows users to connect with other users remotely. This advanced software can be used in variety of different and unique ways. For instance, with TeamViewer, users can provide hands on support for resolving problems remotely, handling complex tasks as well as providing an effective means of sharing information via screen mirroring technology. For example, the TeamViewer software gives a remote user the ability to connect to any server or PC as if they were in the facility and using the actual device in person.

TeamViewer is considered the industry standard because of its immense remote access tools. Above all, it allows users to easily and seamlessly to control and access devices either over the internet or LAN connection.While TeamViewer is recognized as one of the best options in the marketplace, many users continually search for best TeamViewer alternative options due to the need for greater flexibility, and more integrations. Cost of software also plays a role. In addition to cost, if the settings aren’t configured correctly, users can put their system at risk. This can be a challenge for the average user. In this article, our tech experts have identified some of the best TeamViewer alternatives which offers powerful, yet cost effective options.

Techie Reports Best TeamViewer Alternative


best teamviewer alternative zohoassist 1 1 1

Zoho Assist is one of the best TeamViewer alternative options because of the mass deployment options available for PC and MAC as well as its advanced on-demand connection options without the need of any pre-installed software. Additional features include video and voice chat, file transfer capabilities and the ability to record sessions for quality and monitoring purposes.

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This amazing cloud-based software platform has proven to be a more than capable option in online video conferencing, training via screensharing functionality and IT-related troubleshooting. Overall, ZohoAssist has established itself as a viable TeamViewer alternative because of the pricing options for the budget conscious shopper including a free option for beginners or small businesses.


  • Extremely easy to use for both novices and experts.
  • Amazing features and integrations which provides immense flexibility for user.
  • Their volume-based discounts on their monthly and yearly plans offer a discount for potential users.
  • Virtually lag free.


  • Only one concurrent session available with their free plan.

Other Top TeamViewer Alternatives

1. LogMeIn Pro

teamviewer alternative logmein 1 1 1

LogMeIn Pro is a great remote desktop platform for both MacOS and Windows. This platform features some of the most advanced features in the industry at a cost-effective price. Some of the most notable features include video and audio streaming, file transfer capabilities as well as secured and fast remote access to transfer files and documents. Another important feature that draws a ton of buzz is their Remote Printing option which allows users to print documents from a remote computer to the nearest local printer.

Overall, we were very impressed with LogMeIn. With a powerful platform which supports millions of users on any given day, LogMeIn prides itself of simplifying the process of how people interact with people from across the globe. With LogMeIn Pro you are getting a user-friendly UI that is simple and clean. Even more so, their price is very enticing, averaging out to about $8 per month with their yearly plan which includes access for up to two computers.

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2. Supremo

Supremo is another viable TeamView alternative because of its flexibility in pricing. In addition, their unique features caters to the individual needs of its users. This client offers both a free and paid plan option. Their free option is trial option for just 21 days. Most noteworthy, it gives users access to all of the benefits that a paid user would have including:

  • Unlimited installations and unlimited number of PC’s and servers.
  • Firewall and Router requires no set-up.
  • Customizable interface.
  • Technical support and updates available.
  • The ability to share contacts and groups with other accounts.

Overall, Supremo checks a lot of the boxes. Above all, this software is easy, lightweight, quick, secured (256-bit encryption) and compatible with multiple platforms. Regarding platforms, Supremo currently works with Windows, iOS and Android.

3. SplashTop

SplashTop is popular among users because it’s both affordable and easy to setup. Also, SplashTop is compatible with virtually all platforms including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. Another great selling point is their dedication to security. They employ a two-step certification process as well as remote sessions encrypted with AES 256-bit technology.

From a monetary standpoint, SplashTop is free for local network use. Users opting to use its features worldwide will have to sign up for an affordable yearly plan.