Leonflix for Android, Windows and Mac

Leonflix for Android Windows and Mac Download Latest Version

Leonflix is a search tool to identifies videos, TV shows and movies posted to various websites using video crawling techniques. You may claim it functions as a video search engine and does not allow streaming films and copyrighted video content. When you search for movies or shows, it saves so much time and offers effortless video content.
Leonflix is an ad-free streaming service that merely scrapes publicly accessible 3rd-party websites with any standard web browser. The consumer is responsible for avoiding any acts that may breach the laws regulating his or her venue.

Find lectures from OpenCourseWare’s Khan Academy or MIT. All of them use the modules that the group has designed. There’s no selective streaming to HTTP. To stream MP4 torrents, you can paste a magnetic connection into the search bar! Would you like to watch something with friends? With synchronized video playback, build p2p watch parties.

Screenshots of Leonflix App

Leonflix App Features

  • Latest Movies, TV Shows and Educational Content– Leonflix has a large selection of recent films and TV shows. You can select your favourite movie or television show easily and watch it anytime and anywhere for free. Find lectures from Khan Academy or MIT OpenCourseWare. Everything is supported by the modules built by the community.
  • Supports Multiple Protocols – Streaming isn’t just about HTTP. To stream MP4 torrents, you can paste a magnetic link into the search bar.
  • Watch Party – Would you like to watch something with friends? With synchronized video playback, build p2p watch parties.
  • Ads-Free – Typically, all those other apps contain loads of advertising on their platform, and in the middle of the movie or broadcast, all those ads interrupt us. But Leonflix does not have a single ad. This is one of the many reasons to fall in love with this wonderful app.
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Download Leonflix for Android

There is no any official Leonflix APK for Android devices available right now. Many websites claim to have a Leonflix APK and provide download links. DO NOT install them. Those APKs contain malware that could infect your device.

Downloads Leonflix for Windows, macOS, Linux and Raspbian (Beta 0.7.0)

Windows (32-64): Leonflix-Installer.exe

Mac (64-bit): LeonflixMac.zip

Linux (64-bit): Leonflix.AppImage

Raspbian (ARM): leonflix-arm.AppImage

Leonflix Frequently Asked Questions

What are Leonflix Modules?

Modules are Leonflix “addons” that users can use to find the content they want or to customize their experience. The program modules are still being developed, but the module framework will eventually be opened to all 3rd party developers. In Settings > Modules, you can check out the currently available modules to get a glimpse of how they work. The aim is to extend the types of media that Leonflix can play and the protocols on which they can play.

How to fix “This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action”

Delete AppData\Local\Programs\leonflix folder and reinstall Leonflix.

Does Leonflix support Real Debrid?

Yes. You can integrate Real Debrid account with Leonflix

Is Leonflix free?

Yes, there are no subscription fees or registrations needed.

Is Leonflix Safe?

Yes, using leonflix is totally safe and secure.

Is LeonFlix APK available for Android?

No, Leonflix is only available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspbian