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How to Delete Photos from iCloud the Right Way

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Apple iCloud is a platform which allows users to actively sync all of their devices. With iCloud, users can create their own data centric ecosystem where all of their info can be accessed from any of their connected devices. Above all, iCloud is an great concept. However, there is one huge limitation. iCloud users are subject to a 5GB storage limit for their photos. Certainly, this can cause huge constraints among users who upload content to their ecosystem. Also, users can purchase extra storing space. However, budget conscious consumers may not want to pay for more storage. In situations like this, users may find it necessary to delete older files as they add newer files to their accounts. Unfortunately, the steps can be confusing. Below, we’ve added some simple ways on how to delete photos from iCloud the right way.

How to delete photos from iCloud using MyPhotoStream

My Photo Stream is a convenient option built into Apple iOS as a means of automatically uploading new photos to a user’s applicable iCloud connected devices.

While convenient in nature, this feature can create two copies of pictures and videos which will take up a lot of available space. To avoid such a scenario, it is advised to disable the My Photo Stream option. However, before disabling Photo Stream, users must delete photos from My Photo Stream.

The steps associated deleting photos from My Photo Stream is as follows:

1st Step: Open Photos

2nd Step: Tap Albums

3rd Step: Tap My Photo Stream

4th Step: Click Select

5th Step: Tap on applicable photos

6th Step: Tap the trash icon

7th Step: Click on delete photos

Once the photos are deleted, the steps associated with disabling the My Photo Stream feature include:

First Step: Open Settings

Second Step: Go to iCloud

Third Step: Go to Photos

Fourth Step: Turn off Photo Sharing

How to delete photos from iCloud using Shared Stream

First Step: Go to Photos App

Seond Step: Tap on shared icon that is located at the bottom

3rd step: Select Edit Mode

4th Step: Delete photos by using the delete icon.

Once the photos are deleted, the steps associated with disabling the Shared Stream feature include:

First Step: Open Settings

2nd Step: Click on Photos and Settings

Third Step: Turn off My Photo Stream

Fourth Step: Tap on delete to turn off feature and to delete photos associated with My Photo Stream.

How to delete photos from iCloud by deleting photos from iCloud Backup

A fast and effective way of freeing up storage space on your iCloud account is to simply delete photos from iCloud Backup. To access the iCloud Backup features, users will follow these steps.

First Step: Click on Settings

Second Step: Click on iCloud

Third Step: Tap on Storage

Fourth Step TapL on Manage Storage

Step 5: User will proceed to turn off Photo Library.