Dynamic Windows Photo Viewer Options

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Above all, the practice of taking pictures has become a favorite activity for many. Whether it’s taking pictures while on vacation, taking pictures of friends, families and events or just trying to get a quick snapshot of something interesting that is happening in the moment, pictures have become a staple of our society. Many consumers have used Windows Photo Viewer as a means of reviewing and reliving these amazing moments. Unfortunately, for Windows 10, Microsoft has decided to move on from this popular app. This unpopular decision has produced a need for photo enthusiasts. In this article, Techie Reports will fill that void by highlighting the most dynamic Windows Photo Viewer options for 2020. So, lets explore and take an in-depth look at the best photo viewer for Windows 10.

Top Windows PhotoViewer Options

Below, Techie Reports has compiled a dynamic list of 5 great alternatives of Windows Photo Viewer. This selective list of viable clients will surely appease the appetites of users clamoring for the features and simplicity of Windows Photo Viewer.

1. XnView

best photo viewer for windows 10 xnview

Above all, XnView is widely considered a top Windows Photo Viewer option for many because its fast and supports nearly 500 different imaging formats. Also, with XnView, users will have access to an array of different features. These features help to add flexibility to the photo editing and photo-sharing experience. Some of these top features included with XnView is the Duplicate File Finder which can be used to find and identify duplicate photos on your hard drive. Other key features include batch processing options, the ability to view pictures in different ways including thumbnail and standard as well as its ability to be used in a portable setting which makes it even faster.

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XnView has a multi-lingual interface which adds even greater flexibility to the end user. Overall, we were pleased with the rendering process and quality of this app. Overall, we were tremendously pleased with user-friendly interface and the speed and functionality of XnView and we recommend it as the best photoviewer for Windows 10.

2. IrFranView

best photo viewer for windows 10 irfanview 1

So far, a common theme among our choices has been features and speed. IrFranView is another alternative which fits that bill. IrFranView is a free photoviewer app which uses just 2MB of space on your computer. Most importantly, IrFranView offers users a ton of editing and features options like advanced editing support, extensive file formatting compatibility, OCR support and user-friendly editing options like resizing, cropping, color corrections, batch conversions and rotating. 

3. HoneyView


This free photo viewer app is known for its simplicity. HoneyView is extremely basic but is very easy to use for anyone looking for a seamless and straightforward editing experience.

Most noteworthy, one drawback with this photoviewer is that it’s not compatible with as many formats as others on this list. Specifically, some of the key formats compatible with this app include, PPM, JPG, GIF, PNG, PSD, DDS, JXR, BMP, BPG, PCX, PNM, J2K, JP2, TGA, and TIFF. Some of the key features include the ability to bookmark images, photoshop compatibility and batch image format conversion.

4. FastStone Image Viewer


As we highlighted above, HoneyView is a considered a best photo viewer for Windows 10 (2020) because of its innate simplicity. FastStone Image Viewer is considered a best photoviewer for Windows 10 for totally different reasons. Above all, this Viewer is anything but simple but that doesn’t deter users from loving this software because of its immense features and editing options. FastStone Image Viewer is one of the more powerful options that a user will find. Despite it being loaded with lots of customizable options, it’s still a lightweight option that will not eat up a ton your computer resources.  Some of the key features included with this software include:

  • Email Attachment functionality
  • Superior editing options like cropping, rotating, resizing, adjusting brightness, cloning, healing, red-eye removal and more.
  • The ability to set images as wallpaper
  • The ability to take a screenshot
  • Free
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5. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate (Free Trial)


ACDSee has all the tools to be considered the best photoviewer for Windows 10 in 2020. The only drawback is that this is not a totally free software. However, they do offer a nice trial option so that you can take a test run to determine if it’s worth a long-term investment. Overall, we love this software. This is a must have option for users into customization and high definition imaging. Some of the key features that makes this software stand apart from other include:

  • Facial detection and facial recognition
  • Focus stacking which helps to create greater depth of images.
  • High Dynamic Range imaging tool which improves sharpness and range of photos
  • Layering editing options