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Best Discord Bots To Improve Productivity

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Discord Bots are important tools that are used to help enhance the user experience by adding controls and moderating options for Discord servers. Even more so, Discord bots helps users connect to their communities in a direct and meaningful way. Discord delivers a hearty API which has helped in the development of thousands of different bots. In this exclusive article, Techie Reports looks at the best discord bots currently on the top of everyone’s wish list for 2020.

Best Discord Bots: Dyno Bot

The Dyno Bot is a highly customizable bot which specializes in server management and automation-based services. Above all, the Dyno Bot is easily one of the best choices in the industry for setting up unique commands and moderators. Other popular settings and options associated with this bot includes:

  • The ability to make announcements
  • Purge messages
  • Purge users
  • Manage roles
  • Admin level functionality including the ability to kick ban and warn users.

It doesnt stop there. The Dyno Bot has other key features which adds flexibility and improves productivity. Some of the additional features include:

  • Enhanced Music Player and Discord Music Bot which playlists, DJ roles and more.
  • AFK Status
  • Auto Roles
  • Custom commands
  • Reminders
  • Joinable Ranks

The Dyno Discord bot sports a simple yet clean and intuitive user web dashboard which makes navigating especially easy for both novices and experts.

Setting up the Dyno Discord bot is simple. The user will login into their Discord server, select the server that they would like to use for Dyno and then start the simple verify and authentication process to get started.

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Best Discord Bots: Rhythm Bot Discord


First of all, this popular music bot has been downloaded by millions of Discord music bot seekers. Secondly, this music bot for discord has gained its recognition because of its compatibility with different music and video streaming servers. Most noteworthy, some of the best features found in the Rhythm Bot includes Server Prefix, Auto Play and Lyrics. To clarify, lyrics is arguably their most popular feature. Above all, lyrics is so popular because it allows users to get the lyrics of a song as it’s being played.

To sum up, Rhythm offers robust control options for users. To clarify, users can prevent duplicate songs from being played as well as restricting usage to different levels based on the needs of the user. Rhythm has an array of commands that are fully controlled by the user via the dashboard. The Rhythm bot is very similar to the groovy bot in functionalities, commands and controls.

Other Great Discord Bots: Trivia

First of all, Discord is not just for gamers. While most Discord users may be gamers, there is still a huge portion of users that are into other things like music and trivia. For those users who are into trivia, there is no option that’s better than the Trivia Bot.

Trivia is an open source bot that is very easy to use. Most importantly, it is very fun to use. The Trivia Bot allows users to choose their specific categories and questions with various commands. This is in addition to creating a great multi-player experience. To sum up, the Discord Trivia Bot is an exciting way of adding endless trivia fun to your Discord server collection.

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Another Great Bot: GameStats

Above all, the Gamestats Discord Bot is a must have for any serious gamer. This Discord bot allows members to compare stats from a multitude of different games between active server members. To clarify, statistics that can be tracked using this bot include:

  • Win rates
  • Match results
  • Kill/death ratios
  • and more

Certainly, GameStats has proven to be a useful tool for bragging rights as well. So, if you and your buddies are into bragging rights, users can set commands and leaderboards within their server.

Other Great Bots: MEE6

No list can be complete without MEE6. Certainly, this bot is one of the cream of the crop. This great Discord bot comes with extensive support and features that is considered best in class. The MEE6 Discord bot allows for automated mod rules which helps with improved functionality. Also the MEE6 bot has commands to improve admin controls like automatic punishments for habitual offenders and more.

In short, MEE6 Discord bot is fully customizable allowing users to set roles and establish leveling systems. To sum up, this is a great bot for many. Easy to use and fun to explore.