Angry Birds Transformers Mod APK

angry birds transformers mod apk

Play Angry Birds like you never before saw them – with legs and arms! To blow up evil aliens and rescue the world from destruction, download Angry Birds Transformers mod APK. This 3D shooter game is very addictive to playing and can keep you entertained for hours to come.

Tips for playing Angry Birds Transformers

If you’d like to play Angry Birds Transformers as a pro, you’ll need some tips for beginners. Whether you’re new to Rovio’s games or a seasoned veteran, you’ll still want to pay attention to these tips.

  • Aim for the weakest points: Whether you’re shooting on a structure or a transformer, you’ll always want to target the structure’s most vulnerable portion. Seek hitting bits of wood or glass to allow the frame to collapse under their weight.
  • Know the strengths of your players: Much as learning the vulnerabilities of the structures you’re trying to break, you’ll probably want to know the characters’ stats and better understand their abilities. Think about this, and then you can work out your plan more quickly.
  • Ensure you have good health: Occasionally, without much health, it can be tempting to jump into a mission – particularly after you have just had a sweet victory. Nor do you have to be careful. Your health will take time to restore, so you can wait a little bit before joining the next mission-or risk failure.
  • Blow it all up: If you want the game to have more coins, then there’s a simple trick: blow up everything. Whether it’s a piggy, a wooden board, or just about anything else – when it blows up, then it blows up. And you’re going to increase the number of coins you receive.
  • Let sure the piggies are removed: When blowing up all the structures you’ve been charged with smashing, you may get a bit carried away – make sure you ‘re getting the piggies out.
  • When things get tough, use partners: Often, you’ll see a structure that’s only a little too big. This is when you are going to want to think about inviting a partner to the game to help out. Attempt to do so even when you absolutely need it-but believe us; occasionally you still need it!
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Angry Birds Transformers Screenshots

How to install Angry Birds Transformers Mod APK?

  1. You will access the game’s APK as well as its OBB. 
  2. Unzip OBB to folder Android / obb/ 
  3. Open and Install APK file 
  4. Enjoy the game! 

Angry Birds Transformers Mod Features

  • Unlimited money
  • Precious stones for the first award

Download Angry Birds Transformers v2.4.3 Mod + OBB