AFK Arena Mod APK for Android & iOS

AFK Arena MOD APK for Android and iOS

AFK Arena is one of the most popular role-playing games available on Google Play Store and Apple Apps Store. It is developed by the studio LilithGames based in Hong Kong. It is one of the most engaging mobile games with beautiful graphics, sounds, and animations. The game contains a lot of tactics and gets more features with every update. There are many things you need to pay attention in game, if you want to play this game properly. The whole game is stuffed with epic stories and thrilling journeys. It’s one of the most fun-loving casual games you’ll ever play. You can use this AFK Arena mod for Android and IOS to advance the game easily with ulimited coins and free diamonds.

Tips for AFK Arena Newbies

  • Don’t spend your diamonds on anything except cards, you need food and you need elites to progress through the game, everything else is obtainable from gold, afking or the different stores. Do not spend it on fast rewards either, big waste of diamonds!
  • Do not make heroes into legendary until you have an e+ copy of the same hero to make it L+. If you do this you’ll end up with 20 legendary hero’s, no copies to progress them and no food to progress the ones you do actually need! At the same time don’t make them into L+ until you’re actually using that hero, for the same reasons, you’ll run out of food!
  • 3 skill and 4 skill heroes: If you open your hero tab and click “portraits”, scroll down until you see “Legendary Tier Heroes”. The 13 heroes under that text are “3 skill heroes” and can openly be used as food to ascend the other 4 skill heroes. Try not to feed any 4 skill heroes at all if you can, although there are some (such as raine, gorvo) that you will not miss too much, but playing more will show you this.
  • Utilise shemira. She is overpowered and will carry you into chapter 22-23 alone and without much backup, just a few retries if she gets cc’d. Besides that she’s still a solid carry after those chapters. She can be purchased in the labyrinth store and should be until ascended, but do not waste more lab points after she’s ascended! You will eventually pull her for stars and it’s a waste.
  • Be patient and have fun! It’s called AFK Arena, don’t expect to get everything in a day!
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Getting the Dimensional Hero “Ezio” Guide:

Counting how many Labyrins coins one can get by the number of labyrinth runs left starting form the labyrinth tomorrow.

Starting form the next labyrinth, we will have 9 days of Daily Labyrinth runs and 23 of days of normal Labyrinth runs.. all together 32 Labyrinth runs.

Multiplied by the number of Labyrinth Coins per labyrinth ( 3920 ) and because of the field of stars labyrinth bonus (my bonus is 45% bonus LC) that’s why I get an additional (1764 LC/per Labyrinth run) In total= 5684 LC/per Labyrinth run.

Multiplying 5684 LC by 32 (labyrinth runs left until Ezio event ends) it equals to= 181,888 Labyrinth Coins. Divide it by 4000 to know how many pieces of Ezio you can get using labyrinth coins. I get 45 Pieces of Ezio, and if I buy 5 pieces from the other three stores (Barracks, Guild Store, Challenger Store) I’ll have 15 pieces. Thus 60 Pieces and Getting Ezio Successfully!!

Also, there’s the possible (3000 Labyrinth Coins) bonus of beating Wrizz on the third of floor of each labyrinth run so we will have 32 chances at getting this 3000 LC bonus. That’s why please don’t give up even if you know you’ll be a little bit short on those Labyrinth Coins, you might get that bonus a couple of times and that might cover the coins your missing. You don’t lose anything by trying to save up and you can always use all the coins you saved up later if you fail to buy “Ezio” that’s why try to do the math above and check your coins situation and try to save up because you won’t get another chance to get “Ezio” later on and because he just looks wicked and amazing!

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AFK Arena Mod Features

  • Coins & Diamonds Unlimited
  • All Heroes Unlock
  • Dust Unlimited
  • Free to download
  • Totally Safe
  • Installing the AFK Arena Mod file is quite easy.
  • Auto Updates
  • No root or jailbreak required

How to download and AFK Arena Mod APK on Android

  • Click on the button below to start downloading AFK Arena mod APK.
  • As soon as the download is complete, pull down your notification screen and tap on the download notification.
  • Press Install and follow the instructions.

Note: For AFK Arena to install properly, you have to allow apps from unknown sources. To do so, open the Settings on your phone, scroll down and tap on Security. Scroll down again and enable Uknown Sources.